Welcome to Leland1234
Everything about me that isn’t about the Hermitage
There’s a whole ‘nother website about my homesteading on just over five acres in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. You can visit it by clicking here. My photoblog and regular blog are also on that site.
This site is just about me, my beliefs, books and music that have influenced me, and the gadgets I like. Just use the menu at the top of this page to go to the various pages of this site.
I used to have a genealogy page on this site, but with all the concerns of identity theft, and the nature of genealogy (mothers’ maiden names, birthdates, etc.), I’ve decided to pull that part of the site down. It’s a sad thing. If you believe you might be related to me, click on the “email me” icon below and I’ll be glad to share whatever information I can.